Wednesday, October 1, 2014

HeartStrings of an Aspiring Artist

The feelings of a person is like a gamut of different roads.  When you are lonely, you feel like being on the verge of falling as you walk a tight rope.  But when you are happy, your world is full of colors and sunshine.

It's such a wonder how music calms our soul.    Look at the works of great masters in arts... have you heard of Beethoven's melodies?  It transforms and paints pictures in your mind.  Have you seen Picasso's work?  People deep in thought find it amazing yet with a viewer like me (shallow as I may say,) I don't really see it beautiful.  I want to paint light's spectrums, colors and happiness.  That's how it would be for me.  The angst, depressions and sorrow is not something I behold.  Because it lack lights... lack pleasures... it feels dark.  I don't want to be in the dark.

Don't get me wrong though.  I don't abhor their works nor repulse it. I see some works amazing like the realism of Gottfried Helnwein but it's not something that I would want to aspire for.  Maybe because I am female and prefers the subtleness and lightness of Vladimir Volegov's paintings.  Or maybe... because I am not much of an artist...

Anyway, what I am sharing today was one I made when I was working alone on fieldwork and I don't have the luxury of the digital things to entertain me while enclosed in the confines of my four-walled hotel room.

Here's "HeartStrings" for my pleasure... and hope it will be the same for you.  I regret the day when I sold it.  But rationalizing, I hope and believe that the buyer of this piece would care and cherish it.

Now, for practicality and to educate myself in "Letting Go", I tried sharing limited copies of this online.  I don't know if I would be able to make a sale out of its prints... but how would I know if I will not try?

So here is my online store: RoseGobsArt

Once again, thank you for reading. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

August Focus for Optix and Mix - A Photo and A Portrait

My August organizer is designed with quotes that really inspires.  Here's what is written on top:

"Life is like a camera, FOCUS on what's important, CAPTURE the good time, DEVELOP from the negatives and if it goes wrong take another SHOT."

So for todays photo, I wish to feature one shot I have taken while doing a Photowalk in Intramuros, Manila last June 2014.  The way the cat looked at me is very penetrating.  In capturing animals or people, the eye is a very good center for your subject.  Although this model is just a simple stray cat, yet still as I may say, the photo jumped out of the paper.
Title:  The Keen Eye

As for the drawing picture, I give you a sketch of my friend.  And here's another quote taken from my August calendar:
"It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. - Epictetus"
 Title of Drawing:  Seated Lady

This drawing is supposed to work as a reference for an oil painting.  But until now, I haven't touch the canvas where I started putting paint on.  I have to find the inspiration to work on this one.

Have a great week ahead!  Keep on checking this blog and check out for free sketches that I am going to give away every other Friday!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Fisher of Men

Finally, I finished my presentation and what remains is to review it so I will have it by heart.  Now, it's time to do my actual duties... the real reason why I was able to get life... work... happiness... strength... trials that groom me... and other blessings from my Creator.  It's about time to thank the real source of all that I have... and all that I am...

This drawing which I have drawn in a hotel in Davao on January 11, 2013 reflects what I aspire to be... to help in the propagation... to be of assistance in my ministry...

So this day, let me say...

Thanks be to God for each brand new day.
Thanks be to God for the roles I play.
Thanks be to God, how can I repay?
Thanks be to God, help me as I walk in Your ways.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Breaking the Break and Monotony...

I feel sluggish and bored of my regular job today.  I mean, I am not in the mood to write or think about my presentation for the leaders that I am going to face by next week.  But somehow, I am motivated to draw and be creative as I prepare my mind for the actual tasks that I need to do today.

I started my day looking at the outputs of my past Street Photography Photowalk.  I say to myself, "Relax... put your energy together and focus your mind".  Yet still, I found difficulty processing the words in the document that I have to read. 

While browsing, I saw the colored pictures I have selected as subjects to my painting.  But upon looking at it, I felt that the colors are too bright. So I tinker with the editing software that I have, limited to a simple photo processor because I don't have an Acrobat Photoshop in my work laptop.  As a result, here's what I have done...

Title:  Chillax - Al iz well!
Taken on June 2014 @ Intramuros, Manila.

During lunch break, I still feel weary and not so productive.  Maybe because of the Friday psyche.  It means, it's the end of the week and that job should be lighter.  But to think, my presentation is on Tuesday already and I haven't finished my Powerpoint presentation for it.  I took a deep breath and browsed for pictures over the web.  Then I saw Jang Geun Sook's picture.  I said to myself, "What a lovely face for a guy!".  I then took my pencil and drawing pad and started sketching.  Here's what I've finished:

I posted this on the web and asked my FB friends if they like the drawing. And if somebody wants it, I will be giving it away for free.  Two (2) of my friends liked it but expressed that what they want is for their pictures to be sketch.  Uh-oh!  I got free customers... meaning gratis and not commissioned work.  Hehehe.  Anyway, I still have 14 commissioned portraits that hasn't been done yet.  Got to work on it after office.

Then one friend buzzed me and told me that he liked the drawing and would love to have it.  So I said yes.  I noticed that he has a very strong resemblance to the drawing.  "So, that's the reason."  Glad to have my work appreciated.  This act also gave me the idea to give away some of my drawings or sketches that are not for sale so as to find a home for my "babies".

So if you would just follow this blog or my other accounts, you might find luck finding one drawing or painting that I would be giving away.  But if you wishes to have a customized drawing or painting, you can simply visit my FB page and message me.  I would also be selling some of my arts there.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Gift

This was the first oil painting I made when I returned to drawing and painting on 2012.  I made it as a gift to my dear friend Sharon.  It's an oil painting on canvas, size 9 X 14.

I still remember when I painted this as a gift to my friend Sharon.  I was rusty from doing arts since I haven't done any since 2005.  I thought I lost the passion for art and the skills for it.  But now that I have time and am going matured, I regain the interest to draw and paint.

Looking at this work, I saw the freshness of my approach to painting.  Now, because of too much pressure in producing pieces that I need to exhibit, I lost that freshness.  I hope I'll be able to get that feeling of happiness in working on my art pieces.  From hereon, I will undertake my paintings as way of relieving why I get back to painting.  That is to enjoy the process of producing memories on canvas and sharing it with people close to me.

As an aspiring artist, I enjoined my students to find your reason why you wanted to draw or paint.  Painting and drawing may come as a hobby for you.  But if you really love doing it, go ahead and paint.  In painting, you need to be in a zone where you get absorbed working with paint.  Lose the fear and anxiety in putting paints on canvas.  If you feel anxious, stop working.  Find the drive in your heart.  Painting should be an enjoyable process for you, but not like a game with less value.  

I hope this help you in your exploration.  Painting can be a therapy when you find yourself in your works.  When you put a paint on canvas and produce something beautiful, you will get a feeling of satisfaction.  Your feeling towards your work is like they are your "babies".  When I began creating works, I refused to part with them.  But then I learned that I will be motivated to paint more if I part with them.  

I allow myself to depart from my works but only with the condition that my work goes to someone who would cherish them.  If a person enjoyed my work, I feel happy and contented.

How do you feel when you paint?  Can you share or give them freely to others?

Customized Shirt (Hand Painted)

This is a personalized gift T-shirt, hand painted using fabric or textile paint.

This t-shirt was created last July 2014.  I created this to serve as a gift for our speaker in the Street Photography workshop, Mr. Dominic Meily.  He did not asked for any fee and so we thought of giving him this hand-painted shirt.

How I created this?  It is easy.  Here's how:

What you need are the following:
  • Black t-shirt
  • Textile paints
  • Brushes
  • Masking Tape
  • Printer
  • Scissors

I started looking for a Silhouette of a photographer.  Have it printed and cut it out to use as a stencil.

Then I looked for photos of a street as reference for my painting.

Prepare the t-shirt by sticking the stencil on the black shirt.  Then protect the surrounding of the t-shirt with masking tape.  I created a box-type canvas as shown in the photo above.

Then, with your street reference, use your brushes and textile paints as pigment for your painting.  I painted the street as abstract.  

After painting, let it dry for some time.  Then peel-off the stencil of the photographer and the masking tapes.  Luckily, there's no mistakes or paint smudges out of the square.  If there's any, simply cover it with black textile paint.

That's it.  It is easy if you enjoy painting.  

Prior to painting the street, I printed the silhouette of the photographer and sticked it on the shirt 

A Smile for A Cure

A Commissioned Portrait

Oil Painting on Canvas
9.5 X 16
May 2014

This is an oil painting I made as a gift to my friend, Dr. Curie Sarmiento.  She was a bubbly, strong, and sweet person.  She loves helping and she is quite good natured.  

When I was working on this portraiture, I was afraid not being able to capture her likeness.  But her smile is endearing.  It took me a lot of time fixing and finalizing this painting.  Also, since its medium is oil paint, it took long before it dried well.  The good thing about using oil is its vibrancy.  The colors don't change much when it dried.  

In doing oil painting, be sure not to work inside your room.  There should be air flowing in your work area because the smell may be harmful to your health.  There are mediums that you can use to speed up the process of drying.  I don't like turpentine because of its smell and it turns the oil paint brittle.  I use Winsor and Newton Liquin fast dry.  It is a little costly but it's worth it.

For the pigment, I like Winsor and Newton, or Reeves.  But sometimes I ran out of supplies.  So I also resort to Monte Marte and Maries.  I haven't explored all pigment types yet.  But I noticed that Maries quality is not as smooth as that of Reeves.  Maybe this is one that I'll explore in the future.

Can you give me advise as to what paint pigment to use?

Child at Play Series

Oil Pastel on Paper
8.5 X 14
March 13, 2013

Have you experienced playing in the province? I did. Children living in rural area are quite lucky to have a large playground and having so much space and healthy air to breath.  It was really fun and carefree during those days.  Now, we live in a city and there's so much concrete around our community.  We barely see fruit trees.  There are no streams to bath on with friends.  We can't even run and play under the rain anymore.  Those were the days.

My friend photographer shared a photo of a very young student playing with ropes tied on a tree.  This painting is actually copied from an original photo taken by Mr. Dom Meily of Photoville.  I asked him if I can use his material to paint this scene.

I hope I was able to capture the fun and joy that the kid felt while he's playing.  He was close to nature and though alone, he seems happy enough on his own.  I hope you too enjoyed this scene.

Please comment if there's anything that I need to improve in this work.

Child at Play Series

Pencil Color on Paper
8.5 X 14
Sept. 11, 2013

This work is one of my favorites.  I have awarded this to a friend who's already in Vietnam.  It took me 3 hours to finish this.  It was through this drawing that I discovered the characteristics of drawing pencils.  The one that I was using is Castell-Faber coloured pencil.  It was frustrating at first that I wasn't able to make the colors vivid.  Then I accidentally placed one colored pencil in my mouth while thinking, and had wet the tip of the colored pencil.  When I put it down on the paper, the led became softer and the vividness of the color that I was looking for came alive.  I immediately looked at the pencil's box and found out that the colored pencil was water-based.  From then on, I get water and dip the pencil's led on it when I do the final touches.

My reference for this artwork was a picture of a Vietnamese kid playing on a hammock.  Her face is sweet and she seems so happy and untouched.  That's why I had the photo downloaded and had it printed.  While drawing, I captured the facial expression but changed the way it looked.  Thus, if you'll see the original photo, you would know that it's very far from what the kid looks like.  The kid was darker and this drawing is paler.  Nonetheless, I am happy with the output.  

Have you noticed the blending of colors?  If you have any comments about this drawing, please feel free to do so.  I will take it as a constructive criticism.  Thanks for reading.

My Pretty Niece Elize

My Elize

Charcoal on Paper
Size 8.5" X 14"

This artwork was done in 2012.  We still have it in our living room, hanging among our family pictures.  When I did this, I am just going back how to draw using charcoal pencils.  I selected a photo that is dramatic, although the copy was faint, getting the feel of her meak and innocent appearance was what attracted me in making this a subject.

Looking at it, now in 2020, I noticed some flaws from this work.  But I would not want to change it, because it shows me how far I have gone in terms of my skills in drawing and portraiture.  One I can point clearly is how I drew her eyes.  The left eye looked imbalanced and doesn't have depth.  Also, the shadows on the right of the face are still lacking.  I haven't drawn well the clothing or t-shirt, thus making the portrait look pale.  Nevertheless, I am still happy looking at this piece.

This drawing is one of my very first and few that I signed with my personal nickname -  the name my family and close relatives call me when I'm still young.  Now, I sign all my works with Rose Gob.

A Painting of NATCCO Network's Cooperative Tree

This is an oil painting sized 25" X 30" created as part of NATCCO's Staff Assembly. The staff assembly is actually a recreational activity for the employees and part of the 2 days outing, is a half-day team building activity, which the consultancy team facilitated.  We gave games and this output was the wrapping-it-up activity, where each employee was given a chance to be part of this painting by making their mark on the canvass using parts of their hands. They get to choose their colors. It symbolizes that despite individual differences, in NATCCO Network's growth, they are essential parts of the bigger picture. I, Rose Gob, did the final touches. But by comparing the raw with the new one, you would see that there's not much difference between the two.  Except that we highlighted it by painting the colors of sunset and adding volume to the other colors.



After retouching this painting, I gave it to the office but haven't seen where it was actually hanged.  Anyway, the memories of this painting is what matters -  the fun and experiences of the NATCCO employees while they worked on developing this piece.

To see more of Rose Gob's artworks at her Facebook page. If you would want to get a copy of the activities module, you may send me a direct message using the E-mail form in my blog.  You are also welcome to comment here.

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