Saturday, December 24, 2022

SUSTAINING OUR CULTURAL HERITAGE - ARTipolo Group Partnered with National Commission for Indigenous People (NCIP-MIMAROPA)

On 24th of December 2022, ARTipolo Group visited the office of NCIP Region 4B (MIMAROPA) to discuss 2023's project collaboration. Both parties have the same interest, which is to protect and promote the rights of the indigenous cultural communities. The indigenous people (IP) communities sustained our local culture and creative legacies despite the massive influences brought in by Chinese, Spaniards, Americans, and other nationalities that came to our land. Other than that, they have tilled and protected many of our frontiers and natural resources - national parks and tourist spots.

The provinces of Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon, and Palawan make up MIMAROPA. There are 21 Indigenous People Communities in these provinces. The 21 IPs' cultures, goods, and means of subsistence will be highlighted and presented by NCIP-MIMAROPA and ARTipolo in several events and exhibitions. The major goal of the project is to assist them in figuring out how to market their goods and services to eco-tourists. The first collaboration would happen on March 2023 by participating in an international event called "Green Travel Mart" which was initiated by Dr. Mina Gabor.  Other than ARTipolo, there will be other partners and collaborators, but the beneficiaries would be the IPs of MIMAROPA.

The meeting was attended by representatives from ARTipolo's board and NCIP-MIMAROPA. From ARTipolo, present during the meeting are Mr. Pol Mesina, Jr. (ARTipolo President), Mr. Mark Joseph Belloria, Ms. Eleanor Habal Robleza, and Ms. Mary Rose Gob. From NCIP-MIMAROPA, it was attended by Regional Director Mary Grace Pascua, Doc Din Mabanta, and Engr. Ysmael Fontanilla.

Action plans were drafted, and succeeding meetings will seal this partnership.  During the said meeting, RD Pascua awarded ARTipolo with the coffee table books published by NCIP.  These will serve as references for the artists to capture the essence of MIMAROPA's 21 indigenous communities through paintings and other visual forms of art.  If you are interested to avail the series of coffee table book, you may contact NCIP at, and inquire about Project Epanaw - The Journey of Our Indigenous Peoples.



It was indeed a fruitful discussion and it paved the way for more ideas and events that would support the indigenous people.  Hopefully, as we join hands together, we will be able to document our cultural heritage for the benefit of the next generations.

We welcome comments for ideas and volunteers if you are interested to be part of similar projects.

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