Thursday, April 30, 2020

CASCADE Studio's Free Basic Drawing On-line Workshop

With the Enhance Community Quarantine holding us all from going-out of our homes, it's fortunate that now we find time to draw and be creative.  Finally, we can now get our art materials and start sketching and drawing, a visual way of expressing our thoughts or recording the events in our surroundings through freehand drawing.

Mothers get to spend more time with their children and monitor their activities.  This is also an opportunity to explore if you, as a mother, (or for your children), have a talent to draw.  One mother contacted me through chat.  She was inquiring if I can give workshop through online. I told myself, why not?  I've been managing webinars since March 16, and was unable to hold my pencils and art materials because the webinars are eating most of my time.  It is good timing that this May 1, we are on holiday and May 2 falls on a Saturday.  With the long weekend ahead, I can now prepare the materials for drawing and patch it live on FB.

Thus, may we invite you on May 2, 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. for a workshop on basic drawing.  We will start with understanding the art materials and understanding the movements of light, and its significance to drawing.

With the live feed, I will be accepting 10 online students to be coached and mentored while we do an online feed via FB.  You may still be able to get a slot for the sample coaching in this online workshop.  Just get a ticket here and I'll send you the Google Meet link to take part.

The requirements is if you are using a celfone, be sure to download the Google Meet Application.  If you are using laptop or desktop, then you just have to click on the invite that will be sent to you.

For the art materials:

See the complete lessons and the video on my next blog.  Enjoy!!!

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