Saturday, March 19, 2022

Describing the Strength and Love of Women with my Art


"Transcend", this was the initial title of my last work.  Then, to honor motherhood, I have added another image and renamed this work "El Nacimiento", which means "The Birth".

Look closely and tell me what you see.  It may look like just some splashes of white, blue, and ultra marine colored paints.  But do you see the gold relief?  

For art appreciation, allow me to tell you what it means for me.  But please, don't be limited by these interpretation.  You may have your own story to tell with this painting.  Feel free to share it in the comment.

Here it goes...

Women are different in every aspect but what endears most is that they are soft, fragile, yet strong and resilient.  
  • Mothers are modern day martyrs.  They show their love by giving the best to their children and sacrifices their own gratification, because their joy emanates from the happiness of their love ones.
  • Grandmothers never runs out of love.  Though they grow weak physically with age, yet still their love and care are bountiful and can last until they see their grandchildren walks the aisles.
  • Sisters are like little women who leads their younger siblings, to grow with love and with faith.  They are like the closest friends we can even have.
  • Colleagues supports and give their cooperation without being asks.  When they see you needing a hand, their heart grows soft and offers their hands.

There are still lots of affirmation I can list about women and we will run out of space.  To capture them in a symbolic painting, I made this painting using the expressionism and abstraction.  It was initially called "Transcend" because they are as how this word is defined - "be or go beyond the range or limits ".

The black represents the dark side of our current situation (i.e. pandemic)
The blue color represents the challenges.
The marine color represents how deep their thoughts are
The white represents the purity of their heart and sour
and the gold represents their value

I used acrylic pour to show the fluidity on how women adapt to the environment.  And like stars in heaven, the profile of a women shines bright.  They go beyond their means and overcome any obstacles with the help of God.  They drew strength from their faith, hopes and love.

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