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We have introduced to you a proficient and well respected artist, Ms. Corazon G. Patarata before the launch of CASCADE.  Now, we are featuring her once again as she shares her latest works with us. She has contributed well to our fund raising for CASCADE Art Studio and without her help, we would have found it difficult to sustain our activities.  For this month of February, allow me to introduce to you Ate Cora as we call her.

Ms. Patarata painted this bag when I asked her to share her talent for the sake of helping people with needs.  She willingly and excitedly acted on my request and has produced this pretty hand-painted bag, designed with the birds of paradise flowers.  This bag went to Ms. Michelle Diwa, who highly appreciated Ate Cora's works.

Latest work of Ms. Patarata
Bright Morning. acrylic on canvas. 24 in.high x 18 in wide. 2021

     61 years old, with an earlier 20-year experience as a diplomat, is a self-taught artist, who works with watercolors, oil pastels and acrylic paints, in a modern realist-impressionist style. Her subjects are flowers, landscapes, marine life, famous landmarks and monuments, heavenly bodies, and angels, and sometimes there are human figures included in her picture compositions.  Two articles about Cora’s painting career, penned by Babeth Lolarga, were published by Verafiles.Org and circulated in Yahoo News: “A Former Diplomat’s Sojourn Into Painting”, published on 30 May 2014; and “The Traveller As Painter”, published on 20 January 2017. Souce:

     Patarata is with the Antipolo-based artists’ group ARTipolo that has the Hemophilia Association of the Philippines for Love and Service as permanent beneficiary for all its exhibits. This self-taught vignette painter admires Amorsolo. “I aspire to someday learn his techniques with light and shadows.”Among the Renaissance artists, she singled out Rembrandt for the sensitivity of his human figures, Tintoretto for his lights and shadows, Paul Cezanne, Paul Gaugin and Vincent Van Gogh for their colors and brushstrokes.

     Of the moderns, she likes John Singer Sargent “for the emotional impact of his paintings,” Frida Kahlo “for her use of Nature as symbols for human emotions,” Miro “for his joyful and playful abstract renditions” and Norman Rockwell “for portraying scenes of everyday life that everyone can relate with.” 

     Now that she is doing what fulfills her, she calls painting “an essential part of me. Painting is something I owe to my Maker and to the people around me.Through the process, I enjoy many good feelings in heart and spirit.Painting is like praying. It is like a cleansing and uplifting process.”

     The following are Ms. Patarata's works.  If you are a collector or an Art enthusiast, you may want to avail one her works, which is posted in our Gallery Shop.     Check it out now!

"A Place For Healing", acrylic on canvas, 24 inches high x 30 inches wide, 2021.       


Lesson 3: Different types of Shading.

 A simple drawing is lifeless and appears as one dimensional.  To give it a 3D or three dimensional look, we need to define where are the lights coming from and how does it falls on the object.  Then we need see where the shadows are.

In creating shadows on our objects, there are several types of shadows.  We have taught you about the hatching, thatching, and cross-thatching from previous posts.  Now, let us continue learning the other types of shadowing styles and let us practice by repeating what has been shown in the featured videos.

The first video that we will show is from the works of Ms. Lauren Arno.  She showed how to do the following:
  • Cross hatching
  • Hatching
  • Contour Shading
  • Scribbles
  • Strippling, and
  • Circular lines


The next video is an application of lighting on geometrical shapes by Bial-Art Art school. The video demonstrated well how one should look at the direction of the light and the volume of shadows to improve the appearance of the drawing.

 Now, to improve our drawing techniques in drawing, let us look at the following drawings as our references. Follow the following steps in our practice drawing: 
STEP 1. Draw 6 circles in a bond paper or drawing paper 
STEP 2. Shade the 6 Circles based on the 6 shown kinds of shading below;
STEP 3. After doing the sphere shading, apply all types of shading based on what you learned to a pear. See the photo below.
Share your works by commenting on this post and stay tune for next featured free art lessons online.

See below other reference videos for practice:

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Sunday Online Practice Class on Drawing with Ink

 Hello readers! I was quite a while that we haven’t had a free art lesson.  This Sunday, February 7, 10 a.m., may I invite you to a free tutorial on drawing using ballpoint pens.  It will be online and we will use zoom for our meeting.  To join, please send me your e-mail address so I can send you the invites and link.  You may use the form below, left side for a private message or use the FB Chat pop-up at the right side of this blog.

Since we will be practicing, be ready with your pencil, ballpen and paper.  I will be using a reference but if you have a subject you wish to use other than what I will provide, you may do so.  This will be an exciting art session.  Ready with your drawing table and camera so I can check your works.

See you then!


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