Thursday, October 24, 2019

Center for Creative Arts Shaping Children & Adults Deserving Excellence (CASCADE)

I have a penchant for children and disadvantaged adults. They have a special place in my heart. When I was still very young, I worked with nuns doing community services to elderlies in public hospitals. I like doing outreach programs because it’s only through these that I feel the value of the gifts given me by our Lord.
I feel I don’t deserve everything that God has bestowed on me. I have a good job, I finished psychology, I can draw and paint, write poems and books, write songs and play guitar and I can even dance & sing a little. I know there’s a purpose why I have all these. Not to mention my friends and families’ love. The only way is that I use what they gave me by reaching out to people who have less. Maybe that’s my value, to be of service.

I value education so much. I passed all exams in Phil. Science HS and UP during my youths but was not able to study there because of my parents care and fear for me if I travel far. However, despite not being able to take advantage of those opportunities, I was then given another chance to study well as I graduated with honors from all the schools I’ve attended: T. Alonzo Elem. School, Roosevelt Homesite, and PUP. Now that I am an adult, the MOOC allowed me to finish a course online at Columbia Professional School of Business, with certificate in Human Capital Global Trends in 2017. Also, I was given a chance to study Masters in Entrepreneurship major in Social Enterprise Development, as again a scholar, in the prestigeous school of Ateneo Graduate School of Business. From here, I’ve proven and has validated my belief that education should be given to all who deserves it.
With my passion in Arts, my background as a Psychologist, and my passion for education, I thought of combining these to create a “Free” school for children and adults who are lacking in capacity to pay for it. Thus, I’ve thought of forming CASCADE. Art can also save lives.
Art Therapy can be the answer to the increasing number of depressed youths. We have to channel their despair to art as a way of expressing their thoughts and longing. Now, despite the free training, without a venue to market the finished works, I will not be able to help them fully. With these comes the thought of having a gallery for their works.
I hope many will join me in this endeavour. Everybody who have the same passion and interest may join us in our quest. This is my means of creating Art from the HeART.

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