Saturday, October 22, 2022


I woke up excited this Saturday morning as this would be the very 1st Face-to-Face Saturday Art Classes that we will have since 2019.  We were supposed to launch the 1st class on March 2019, but pandemic occur.  We were not able to launch our school and the author just continued developing programs and learning materials for our website.  You will find useful lessons through our Free Art Lesson tab.  
Learning on your own, without a mentor or someone to critique your work is difficult.  As a learner, you would appreciate the guidance of an art teacher.  Though art maybe innate for our children, having a teacher speeds up the process of learning.
We always wanted to develop the skills of children and adults in creative arts.  But many of the offered classes are quite expensive.  And so we tried to trim down the cost of having a class by taping our friends to share their abode as venue for classes.  Luckily, Ms. Leslie Esternon helped us by opening her doors for our learners.  
The families or the parents will also spend more buying art materials.  But as a learned artist, we know that it is very essential to understand our materials first before we buy expensive branded products when we can secure less expensive art materials through bulk orders.  This is one of our strategies to lower the cost of the classes.  Thus, as part of our two-days session, we already added the handouts, drawing materials and the 2-days workshop session at Leslie's place.  
The first live class started on October 22, 2022, 2 p.m. until 4 p.m.  We had 10 students, four of which are teenagers and six are from age 8 to 10 years old.  The younger children are guided by Ate Rose and the teens are guided by Lolo Rey.  It was fun and they were given assignments so that they will be able to learn practice what they learned.  Here are some of the shots for the 1st day...

Thursday, October 13, 2022

ARTipolo's Participation in SILANGAN: The Rizal Art Fair 2022

 Calling all Art Enthusiasts and Collectors.  On 12 October 2022, Wednesday, the ARTipolo Group once again showcased the works of their members as they participated in an art fair entitled "Silangan - The Rizal Art Fair 2022", along with other groups based in the province of Rizal.  

ARTipolo called upon their active members to submit two (2) pieces of size 12" X 12" paintings depicting their impressions of the town of Antipolo.  There were 40 participating artists whose names are as follows:

1. Alexandra Monserrat                            21. Jessica Casaljay 2. Amador Inlayo                                      22. JM Guzik 3. Aminah C. Sioson                                 23. John Mark Navarro 4. Aris Ventures                                        24. Krister Isip 5. Ber Nardo                                             25. Liana Mariz P. Mesina 6. Celes 'Onit ' Untalan                           26. Marge DC Gomez 7. Cha M. Baladjay                                 27. Maria Len len Moriones 8. Charmaine Marie De Chavez               28. Marie Claire 9. Chrisellie C. Guzik                               29. Marj Sula - Aquino 10. Corazon Gaufo Patarata                       30. Mark Joseph Beloria 11. Crishaira PeliƱo - Bode                        31. Mary Rose Gob 12. Daphne Lagunay                                  32. Mathilda Sula Sun 13. Dea Solis                                              33. Michelle Diwa 14. Diane Cabas                                         34. Nelson Dela Cruz 15. Dyna Quizon Ondoy                            35. Nelson Medina 16. Eleanor Habal Robleza                        36. Pol A. Mesina , Jr 17. Jae Zyril Contridas                              37. Rodgie Gapayao 18. Jayson Z. Borlon                                 38. Rymer Gengoni 19. Jenella L. Medina                                39. Vivian Nocum Limpin 20. Jerry Y. Contridas                                40. Yurika Palmones

Despite the massive number of entries, ARTipolo was able to piece together the works and created a larger collage of colors. The collection looked like a mural and these pieces may be bought as a bundle or one can even choose among those on display to design their residences with sights and images depicting Antipolo City.

Each artist closely looked at subjects that best fits the theme of the group. You will see Antipolo's native delicacies and food like kasoy and suman; endemic plant like the Tipolo leaves where the group's logo is patterned; as well as beautiful maidens garbed in the locale costume. To give you a peek, we have attached photos of the exhibit below. But it is still best to see it in person.

The exhibit "Silangan" will run from October 12 to 30 at SM Angono. Viewing is free and all paintings are available for sale. You may immediately bring home the bought masterpieces. Run now before it gets taken away!

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