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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Dumaguete's Golden Beauty: A Muse for Artistic Inspiration

Step into the world of Dumaguete's mesmerizing beauty, a source of endless inspiration for artists and nature enthusiasts alike. Today, I break from my usual content to share my profound appreciation for the golden hours of Dumaguete, as seen through the lens of an artist's soul. Join me on this visual journey as I explore how this enchanting destination has rekindled my passion for art, all while discovering the awe-inspiring charm within its boundaries.

Captivating Beginnings:
My fortunate profession allows me to traverse the picturesque landscapes of our country through various event travels. These journeys serve as both a reminder and an invitation to delve into the world of art. In December 2022, I was privileged to set foot on the Bay Walk of Dumaguete City, not knowing what to expect. At first glance, the waters appeared unassuming, but the magic of the golden hour unveiled a breathtaking spectacle.

The Magic of Nature's Timekeepers:
Amidst my travels, I've discovered that two moments during the day consistently leave me in a state of wonder. It's the golden hours, both at dawn and dusk, when the world baths in soft, golden hues. These moments possess an ethereal quality that's impossible to ignore.

Art as a Gift:
In my artistic journey, I've understood that you can find the most significant source of inspiration can be found in the natural world. Nature's beauty is a gift in itself, and so is artistic talent. Capturing nature's wonders with the gift of creativity is my way of expressing gratitude to our Creator. These creations are not just art but a glimpse into my heart—a testament to the tranquility and hope they bring to those who behold them.

A Visual Journey:
I've prepared a video that encapsulates the magic of Dumaguete's golden hours to offer a glimpse into my perspective. It will convey what my eyes have been fortunate enough to witness. Please take a moment to enjoy it, and I would love to hear your thoughts.

Dumaguete's golden beauty is an unending wellspring of inspiration and a reminder of the profound artistry in our natural world. I am thankful for the privilege of experiencing its magic, and I hope this journey has ignited your sense of wonder. If you enjoyed the video, please share your thoughts, and thank you for taking this visual voyage with me.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

ARTipolo's Participation in SILANGAN: The Rizal Art Fair 2022

 Calling all Art Enthusiasts and Collectors.  On 12 October 2022, Wednesday, the ARTipolo Group once again showcased the works of their members as they participated in an art fair entitled "Silangan - The Rizal Art Fair 2022", along with other groups based in the province of Rizal.  

ARTipolo called upon their active members to submit two (2) pieces of size 12" X 12" paintings depicting their impressions of the town of Antipolo.  There were 40 participating artists whose names are as follows:

1. Alexandra Monserrat                            21. Jessica Casaljay 2. Amador Inlayo                                      22. JM Guzik 3. Aminah C. Sioson                                 23. John Mark Navarro 4. Aris Ventures                                        24. Krister Isip 5. Ber Nardo                                             25. Liana Mariz P. Mesina 6. Celes 'Onit ' Untalan                           26. Marge DC Gomez 7. Cha M. Baladjay                                 27. Maria Len len Moriones 8. Charmaine Marie De Chavez               28. Marie Claire 9. Chrisellie C. Guzik                               29. Marj Sula - Aquino 10. Corazon Gaufo Patarata                       30. Mark Joseph Beloria 11. Crishaira PeliƱo - Bode                        31. Mary Rose Gob 12. Daphne Lagunay                                  32. Mathilda Sula Sun 13. Dea Solis                                              33. Michelle Diwa 14. Diane Cabas                                         34. Nelson Dela Cruz 15. Dyna Quizon Ondoy                            35. Nelson Medina 16. Eleanor Habal Robleza                        36. Pol A. Mesina , Jr 17. Jae Zyril Contridas                              37. Rodgie Gapayao 18. Jayson Z. Borlon                                 38. Rymer Gengoni 19. Jenella L. Medina                                39. Vivian Nocum Limpin 20. Jerry Y. Contridas                                40. Yurika Palmones

Despite the massive number of entries, ARTipolo was able to piece together the works and created a larger collage of colors. The collection looked like a mural and these pieces may be bought as a bundle or one can even choose among those on display to design their residences with sights and images depicting Antipolo City.

Each artist closely looked at subjects that best fits the theme of the group. You will see Antipolo's native delicacies and food like kasoy and suman; endemic plant like the Tipolo leaves where the group's logo is patterned; as well as beautiful maidens garbed in the locale costume. To give you a peek, we have attached photos of the exhibit below. But it is still best to see it in person.

The exhibit "Silangan" will run from October 12 to 30 at SM Angono. Viewing is free and all paintings are available for sale. You may immediately bring home the bought masterpieces. Run now before it gets taken away!

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Art Therapy: Trudging Life's Journey with Art

This blog contains my first works as I re-find my way back to art.  Some materials are signed with my nickname "Liloth", with which my family and closest friends call me.

In my youth, doing art for schools and working on cartoon characters (we don't call it anime yet during that time) brought me joy and popularity among my classmates and in our highschool homesite.  However, when I started working, I lost the interest to pursue it and after seventeen years working as an HR expert, I reached my saturation point and was so stressed.  As a result, I left my regular job in a prestigious company. 

In 2012, I began another job, which brought me to several places.  The airport and hotel became my second home.  Being alone during work gigs, I returned to sketching.  I stopped drawing in 2005 and the photo below was my last drawing during that year:

The signature I used here was actually what I used for office reports.  

I haven't developed my artist's signature yet.

If you will notice from the drawing, the little girl drawing on the sand is not the exact likeness of the photo.  The photograph was taken by my father and the little girl on it was me.  When I drew this, I was so optimistic about the future, and I was too eager to make a mark.  Maybe that's why the back of the little girl on my sketch was high and straight instead of crouching down.  Being a graduate of psychology, I was taught to interpret drawings (i.e. Draw a Person Test and HTP - House-Tree-Person Test) or we call it projective tests.  I looked hard on my drawing, I can see that I was innocent and the sea is bright and flowing.  There's much emphasis on the drawing on the sand.  However, in projective exams, drawing a person showing his/her back is indicative of withdrawal.  I looked back and I think it is somehow true.  During that time, I refused to accept my limitations as my parents were so fearful, not wanting me to work faraway from them.  They were not able to stop me.

Moving forward to 2012, after gaining so much experience with society, I started sketching.  To be exact, it was in October 2012.  We were in Cebu during a Team's Meeting with consultancy and our technical advisor, Mr. Jean Caron brought us to Bluewaters Beach Resort.  There was nothing much to do because I cannot join them swim.  I took a rest in my room and found a drawing pad, which was materials for the activity.  I started sketching and produced this, which I called "The Tamer".  It was during this time that I was delighted to learn that I never lost the skill in drawing.

The Tamer
Lead pencil on paper

I asked myself what motivated me to draw this.  The model was Jose Rizal and the dog was Bantay, a nursery book character.  During that time, I was learning to subdue my aggressive tendencies.  I was trying my best to find joy with my work and learning to subdue my "wants" for material needs.  My job pay during that time was twice lower than what I'm used to receiving.  The advantage of working for the cooperative was that the workplace was near our home and that I get to attend training, education, and travel far while earning.  Maybe that's why I entitled this "The Tamer", a lead pencil drawing on an 8.5 X 12 inches pad.

Look at the drawing and take note of the man's stance.  The hands hidden on pockets denote secrecy, while the wide stance of his legs is indicative of gaining solid ground or stability.  Since I was new in the cooperative sector during that time, I was finding my bearing and solidifying my career by learning and gaining a complete understanding of the co-op sector.  Now that I am looking at it closely, I get to understand more how my emotions adapted to the situation.

By drawing, I get to communicate with my inner self.  I get to express my thoughts unconsciously and I get to record my state at a specific period in time.  We can say that art can be historical.  And it expresses well the person's thoughts, feelings, and mental state.

It was fascinating to look back at what I have drawn earlier.  For instance, this watercolor painting, which I called Vision of Heaven, is actually my desire to see happiness in the future.  Looking at the folded skin of the eye owner, you'll know that the person aged well.  When we reach that age, we come closer to seeing what the afterlife would look like.  We hope for heaven and peace.  

Vision of Heaven
Art by Rose Gob, Signed with Liloth

This was drawn without reference.  Also, I signed this with my nickname that only my close friends and family know of.  Although it is just a simple drawing done on illustration board, this has somehow had much value for me.  I've kept it for a very long time and still cannot part with it.  Because this very piece denotes my strong positivity towards the future.  

The next paintings demonstrate how I developed my oil painting on canvas board.  I call this piece "The Rage".  When I first painted it, the ship was so calf and nice.  I usually like the color of blue and the ship is a reflection of my travels in life.  When I say travel, I actually refer to my life's journey.  Then I met an artist who was a previous prisoner.  He taught me how to add character to my works.  He said I need to express my angst and just loosely let me work with the palette and paints.  He asked me to throw the paint and let my anger out.  Initially, I cannot comprehend what he wanted me to do.   Because I've never been so angry in my life.  I was thought by our ministers to get angry but not let the sun goes down with that anger.  Working on this piece presented so much challenge for me.  And when I finished it, I kept on working on it until I bartered it with a more peaceful work by a fellow artist.  It's the only work that really exhibited my fears and disturbance.  The work was timely as well because it was created after the Yolanda storm wreaked havoc in our country.  I hope its owner appreciates it.

 The Rage at its final form

Painting and art also serve as a venue for releasing your anger.  You may not be able to punch someone or destroy ceramic plates, but by throwing paints and creating an image has turned something negative and ugly, into something arresting or mesmerizing.  When you look at this painting, what do you fee?  For me, whenever I look at it, what I see is the light despite the raging water.  The water is symbolical too.  In the scriptures, Jesus Christ is represented by water.  With the raging water, I thought, I fear God's wrath for not being able to follow well His teachings. I can stay afloat because I believe that God takes pity on me and helps me.

The next piece is an image of a friend whom I took her photo during one of our travels. I translated it into a painting because her stance was very hopeful.  With a
hope that remains in us, we will keep on living and striving to give our best.  After having this painted, I gave it to Sharon as a gift... thus, I call this piece "The Gift".  It is an acrylic and oil painting on canvas panel.

"The Gift"
Art by Rose Gob (signed with Liloth)
Sept. 2012
We all received the gift of life.  Hope and faith keep us alive... "Love" makes us strong and leads us to inner peace and happiness. Let us not waste our gift by giving up due to depression.  

Finally, life is God's breath among us and things around us.  I love this last art piece, which I called "The Flow", acrylic on canvas.  It showed my energy level and passion.  It displays hope, faith, and love as symbolized by the water, light, birds, and bamboos, which symbolizes people's resilience.  I pray that viewers of this piece would gain strength and positive energy.

The Flow
February 2019

Thanks for visiting this blog.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to do so.  God bless!!!

Monday, January 20, 2020

Crowdfunding Rewards to Backers of C.A.S.C.A.D.E. (Creative Art School for Children and Adults Deserving Excellence)

Finally, as we have shared with you our intent of doing a Crowdfunding for this project, we are now ready to release our link and the rewards that we would give to donors or backers.  First let me inform you of the status of our social activity.  My partner Carol has already got in touched with one school in Rizal and has confirmed their interest of allowing us to run a 12-Days Free Art Lessons to their SPED class.  Anytime this month, we are expecting to receive the schedules for the classes.

As for how and where you can course or give your support to this program, please check our link to our crowdfunding online promotion.  We encourage my friends to share as well this link so that it can reach as many people who are looking for means of helping the less privileged.

If you can't send through Paypal, you can send through my BPI account.  Either you can deposit it or you can transfer or use my QR code.   You can also message me if through bank deposit.

Kindly add note to your transferred amount or please send advise or deposit slip through (FB message) here ==>  FB Page Rose Gob's Optics and Mix.  You can use the same link if you have any inquiries or concerns.  Please don't forget to include contact information like e-mail address and celfone no. so that we can send to you your reward.

Now, here are the rewards that we are going to give to our backers.  Please indicate in your message, which among these rewards you prefer.  Rewards are first come first serve basis.  We will also send a thank you card through your e-mails once we received your donation or backing, whatever amount you shared.


500 pesos and up:  Personalised Coin Purses 

      This is machine printed and the designs are original paintings of Rose Gob.

700 pesos and up:  Limited Edition Mugs

     Machine printed and personalised by printing your name on it.   

1,500 pesos and Up:  Hand painted bags

    As of the moment, we have these two (2) finished hand painted bags.  We are still finishing eight (8) more.  But let me know if you are already interested with these and we will reserve it for you.

This bag is hand painted by Ms. Corazon Patarata, one of the respected artists of ARTipolo group.

This bag is hand painted by Rose Gob

This  bag paintedis  by Carol Mencias Alay-Ay.

5,000 pesos and Up:  1X1 (feet) paintings

     These are the two paintings still available for donations of 5,000 and up.  First-come, first-reserve as well:

7,000 pesos and Up:  Paintings by artist Rose Gob

"Yellow Bricks and Gondolas"
Medium:  Watercolor on Canson Paper

Size: 20" X 17" framed

Date:. 2017

Artist:. Rose Gob


"Dream Blosoms"
Medium:  Watercolor on Canson Paper

Size: 17" X 20" framed

Date:. 2017

Artist:. Rose Gob

Medium:  Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 18" X 24" framed

Date:. 2019

Artist:. Rose Gob

"Munting Pangarap"

Medium: Acrylic on Cavas

Size: 24 X 18

Date Made: January 2019

Artist:. Rose Gob

To all backers, we thank you and we pray that you'll be blessed more out of the kindness of your heart!!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Cascade and ARTipolo exhibits in R-Gallery

CASCADE Art Studio, in partnership with ARTipolo Group will have it's first Contemporary ART Exhibit at R Gallery on March 2020.
As life revolves, so is the stories contained in each art pieces. As one look deeper in each masterpieces, you'll see the artists' causes, concerns, cultural values, care and colour. Like a cartwheel, his/her art revolves and changes with time.

This is the first Contemporary Art exhibit of ARTipolo Group. There are 40 participating artists from the group who will showcase their paintings. Also, CASCADE aspires to showcase works of special children whom they are mentoring.
Proceeds of this exhibit will benefit the special children sponsored by Cascade. This event is also held to give thanks to the donors of Cascade's program.

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