Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Run Towards the Sun

I have this thing with words.  I like putting them together and creating rhythmic lines.  I sometimes get the inspiration from things I see and sometimes from how I feel.  This poem, I've created out of the inspiration I got from my own travel photo.  I hope you'll enjoy this.


My heart is truly grateful
For that light that shines
Upon the dark recesses
Of this blinded mind.

The eyes that are asleep
Shone bright tonight.
What a wonderful gift
Golden apples (His Words)...
 ...tasted so sweet.

Hope and reasons,
A drink of Wisdom.
A kiss of peace...
Erases man's agonies.

All things fell in places
No longer lost in a maze,
So sure of the end,
Run towards it, friend.


(Photo:. Energy Park of Tagum, Davao)

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Photo by Rose Gob

I hope you liked this.  Please feel free to express how you felt or if you find this still needs improvement.

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