Thursday, December 2, 2021

ARTipolo Group President, Mr. Pol Mesina, Jr.

This video interview happened on the last week of August 2021. But unfortunately, I was infected with Covid19 and failed to upload it earlier. Thanks be to God for the healing and complete recovery. Now, I can resume my blogging activity, which serves as my way to share lessons learned from fellow artists.

I feel that many would benefit from Mr. Pol Mesina, Jr.'s story as with how he started his endeavor in arts. He was patient, generous to share his gifts, and hold strong to this noble profession as an artist. Like other artist aspirants, it was not an easy journey. The regularity of income was one of the challenges. But when he was able to hone his gifts, he discovered the "flow" and soon enough, he was sailing towards his artistic goals.

This video comes in two parts. Part 1 tells more about his beginning. Part 2 tells us about ARTipolo group, how it started and what is its objectives. You cannot separate ARTipolo Group from Pol. Not just because he's the founding president of the group, but because he has committed to sustaining this group for the benefit of new and incoming artists.

Sir Pol, as we call him also started his art training from a master artist, Mr. Fernando Sena. I too learned so much from Mr. Sena. As you watch this video, you'll learn how master Sena left a mark on Sir Pol.  

After watching the video and reading the blog, please feel free to share. We give you this free recorded interview to learn from. We don't ask money to sustain this endeavor. But we hope you'll help us spread and pay-it-forward to other people. Art is not just for the young, but for all ages.

In the end, we give glory to our creator. To God be the Glory!

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