Monday, January 27, 2020

Updates on the Crowdfunding Campaign for CASCADE and C-ARTwheel Art Exhibit by ARTipolo

For today's blog, we give you updates as to CASCADE's crowdfunding performance.  We also featured Ms. CORAZON PATARATA, one of the ARTipolo artists who supports this project.  Also, we give you the list of participating artist in C-ARTwheel Exhibit at R-Gallery.

We are happy to share with you that we have received backings from friends for the CASCADE (Creative Art School for Children and Adults Deserving Excellence), and we have received a total of five thousand pesos.  We have three (3) backers who are interested to avail the bag rewards and one (1) to receive a personalised mug (with her name printed on it).  

Let me share with you the profiles of the artists who have painted the bags that backers will receive.  To start with we featured here Ms. Corazon Patarata.

Ms. Patarata painted this bag when I asked her to share her talent for the sake of helping people with needs.  She willingly and excitedly acted on my request and has produced this pretty hand-painted bag, designed with the birds of paradise flowers.

     60 years old, with an earlier 20-year experience as a diplomat, is a self-taught artist, who works with watercolors, oil pastels and acrylic paints, in a modern realist-impressionist style. Her subjects are flowers, landscapes, marine life, famous landmarks and monuments, heavenly bodies, and angels, and sometimes there are human figures included in her picture compositions.  Two articles about Cora’s painting career, penned by Babeth Lolarga, were published by Verafiles.Org and circulated in Yahoo News: “A Former Diplomat’s Sojourn Into Painting”, published on 30 May 2014; and “The Traveller As Painter”, published on 20 January 2017. Souce:

     Patarata is with the Antipolo-based artists’ group ARTipolo that has the Haemophilia Association of the Philippines for Love and Service as permanent beneficiary for all its exhibits. This self-taught vignette painter admires Amorsolo. “I aspire to someday learn his techniques with light and shadows.”Among the Renaissance artists, she singled out Rembrandt for the sensitivity of his human figures, Tintoretto for his lights and shadows, Paul Cezanne, Paul Gaugin and Vincent Van Gogh for their colors and brushstrokes.

     Of the moderns, she likes John Singer Sargent “for the emotional impact of his paintings,” Frida Kahlo “for her use of Nature as symbols for human emotions,” Miro “for his joyful and playful abstract renditions” and Norman Rockwell “for portraying scenes of everyday life that everyone can relate with.” 

     Now that she is doing what fulfils her, she calls painting “an essential part of me. Painting is something I owe to my Maker and to the people around me.Through the process, I enjoy many good feelings in heart and spirit.Painting is like praying. It is like a cleansing and uplifting process.”

We are privilege to have her support through her works.  The bag that she has painted is an original and does not have any reproductions.  The same goes with the other bags.  We hope you'll support our CASCADE campaign.  There are still 35 days remaining, as to date.

By supporting this campaign, you'll get the rewards of your choice (1st-come-1st-served).  We also invite you to join us on the opening day of C-ARTwheel Group Exhibit, which features the works of our well-known artists whose names are listed below:

  1. Rose Gob
  2. Carol Mencias Alay-ay
  3. Pol Mesinas, Jr.
  4. Jerry Ybanez
  5. Jenella Lopez Medina
  6. Amador Inlayo
  7. Rodgie Gapayao
  8. Marie Claire
  9. Mark Joseph Beloria
  10. Alexandra Monserrat
  11. Nelson M. Basa
  12. Marge DC Gomez
  13. Krister Isip
  14. Jayson Z Borlon
  15. Nelson N. Medina
  16. Crishaira Pelino
  17. Chrisellie C. Guzik
  18. Liana Mariz P. Mesina
  19. Dyna Quizon Ondoy
  20. Maria Alma Ang Fortuno
  21. Benedict John Simbulan
  22. Don Cabanza
  23. Isagani Cruz
  24. Jun Vicaldo
  25. Aris Ventures
  26. Bernardo Matias
  27. Vivian Nocum Limpin
  28. Daphne Lagunay
  29. Edward Dave
  30. Joemari Cagas
  31. Michelle Diwa
  32. Nelson Dela Cruz
  33. Eleanor Habal Robleza
  34. Dea Solis

If you have any questions, please feel free to write us by clicking the e-mail us box in this blog.  Or you may also send as a message by visiting our page at @CascadeArtStudio.


Monday, January 20, 2020

Crowdfunding Rewards to Backers of C.A.S.C.A.D.E. (Creative Art School for Children and Adults Deserving Excellence)

Finally, as we have shared with you our intent of doing a Crowdfunding for this project, we are now ready to release our link and the rewards that we would give to donors or backers.  First let me inform you of the status of our social activity.  My partner Carol has already got in touched with one school in Rizal and has confirmed their interest of allowing us to run a 12-Days Free Art Lessons to their SPED class.  Anytime this month, we are expecting to receive the schedules for the classes.

As for how and where you can course or give your support to this program, please check our link to our crowdfunding online promotion.  We encourage my friends to share as well this link so that it can reach as many people who are looking for means of helping the less privileged.

If you can't send through Paypal, you can send through my BPI account.  Either you can deposit it or you can transfer or use my QR code.   You can also message me if through bank deposit.

Kindly add note to your transferred amount or please send advise or deposit slip through (FB message) here ==>  FB Page Rose Gob's Optics and Mix.  You can use the same link if you have any inquiries or concerns.  Please don't forget to include contact information like e-mail address and celfone no. so that we can send to you your reward.

Now, here are the rewards that we are going to give to our backers.  Please indicate in your message, which among these rewards you prefer.  Rewards are first come first serve basis.  We will also send a thank you card through your e-mails once we received your donation or backing, whatever amount you shared.


500 pesos and up:  Personalised Coin Purses 

      This is machine printed and the designs are original paintings of Rose Gob.

700 pesos and up:  Limited Edition Mugs

     Machine printed and personalised by printing your name on it.   

1,500 pesos and Up:  Hand painted bags

    As of the moment, we have these two (2) finished hand painted bags.  We are still finishing eight (8) more.  But let me know if you are already interested with these and we will reserve it for you.

This bag is hand painted by Ms. Corazon Patarata, one of the respected artists of ARTipolo group.

This bag is hand painted by Rose Gob

This  bag paintedis  by Carol Mencias Alay-Ay.

5,000 pesos and Up:  1X1 (feet) paintings

     These are the two paintings still available for donations of 5,000 and up.  First-come, first-reserve as well:

7,000 pesos and Up:  Paintings by artist Rose Gob

"Yellow Bricks and Gondolas"
Medium:  Watercolor on Canson Paper

Size: 20" X 17" framed

Date:. 2017

Artist:. Rose Gob


"Dream Blosoms"
Medium:  Watercolor on Canson Paper

Size: 17" X 20" framed

Date:. 2017

Artist:. Rose Gob

Medium:  Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 18" X 24" framed

Date:. 2019

Artist:. Rose Gob

"Munting Pangarap"

Medium: Acrylic on Cavas

Size: 24 X 18

Date Made: January 2019

Artist:. Rose Gob

To all backers, we thank you and we pray that you'll be blessed more out of the kindness of your heart!!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Cascade and ARTipolo exhibits in R-Gallery

CASCADE Art Studio, in partnership with ARTipolo Group will have it's first Contemporary ART Exhibit at R Gallery on March 2020.
As life revolves, so is the stories contained in each art pieces. As one look deeper in each masterpieces, you'll see the artists' causes, concerns, cultural values, care and colour. Like a cartwheel, his/her art revolves and changes with time.

This is the first Contemporary Art exhibit of ARTipolo Group. There are 40 participating artists from the group who will showcase their paintings. Also, CASCADE aspires to showcase works of special children whom they are mentoring.
Proceeds of this exhibit will benefit the special children sponsored by Cascade. This event is also held to give thanks to the donors of Cascade's program.

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Monday, January 6, 2020

The Joy of Plein Air Painting

What is Plein Air Painting?  Well, for me it is very similar to an On-the-Spot painting.  But the difference is there's no theme.  If you are a traveller and you are fond of seeing beautiful spots, you can start exploring the joy of doing Plein air painting.

Taking travel photos for me is easy now.  But I wanted to challenge myself by doing Plein air painting.  I would just need more time to spend doing it and more spaces on my luggage to bring my tools for it.

What are the joys of Plein Air painting?  For me, it's the challenges of capturing the light, the mood of the day, and the colors that constantly change.  When you look at the open fields, the golden colors of sunsets, light's reflection on rice paddies, and the changing hues of trees creates a romantic feeling within me.  I feel elated by just holding my brushes and dipping its hair on paints.  A dabble on the canvas erases worries and the joy is communicated through your works.

Plein Air painting does not require rules.  Sometimes, the boundaries of four-walls of our offices cause stress. But with painting on open-air, it gives you that feeling of freedom.  Your fear would slowly banish then you will realize that you can create beautiful things with your eyes and hands.

I am still learning and searching for my mark in painting.  We are lucky that the web is rich on references.  Let me share with you this free e-book I found in Amazon.  Let us study together about Plein air painting.  Click on it.  Don't worry, it's free.

The following video is from the YouTube Chanel of Create Content Connect and it features the Filipino Artist, who are expats in Saudi Arabia.  They are called the Hagod Visual Artists.

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