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CASCADE Art Studio offers free art tutorials to children and adults exploring their potential in the arts field.  Also, these free tutorials serve as a means to keep our mental state healthy and active.  

ART involves the WholeBrain Approach to the Development

Drawing or art making is a creative process that involves the WholeBrain approach to personal development.  We usually use Quadrant A of our brain when referencing our subjects for our drawings and paintings.  Quadrant A of our brain utilizes facts and data.  Thus, when we reference objects we want to draw, we use the quadrant A of our brain.  We can draw what our eyes see.

Art making is also a Quadrant B activity.  Quadrant B involves process.  With art, we take steps in producing masterpieces.  It enhances our patience and perseverance because we cannot rush it.  But while we do the process, it is enjoyable and exciting.  It is very similar to exploring, where we discover visually satisfying output.  As an outcome, it enhances our mental and emotional state.

Drawing, painting, and any form of art-making is also a Quadrant C brain activity.  With passion, we grow our skills.  We put our hearts into our creations; thus, committing ourselves to one project is like giving birth to a new form.  Art enthusiasts relate well with the artist's creations.  Arts are the artist's self-expression.  When our viewers get to see and understand what the artist wants to convey, it then communicates his or her inner thoughts. 

Finally, Art is also a Quadrant D process of the brain.  The artist begins with conceptualizing what he/she wants to put on a canvas or paper.  He/she visualizes his/her masterpieces before committing to work.  We see first the possibilities before we move forward to creation.

Starting our Basic Lessons in Drawing  - Click the following links to see the lessons.

         What you will learn here are the following:
  • First Lesson - Understanding Drawing Materials 
  • Second Lesson - How to Sketch? 
  • Third Lesson - Shadowing techniques 
  • Fourth Lesson - Workshop activity 

Learn how to draw life-less objects.  By learning the techniques for drawing inanimate objects, you will find it easier to record things that catch your attention on a drawing pad.

This art lesson teaches the students the different types of shading techniques.  At the end of the lesson, there is an assignment or workshop the student needs to accomplish to practice drawing.

Link to Lesson 4: How to Draw Alive-Looking Eyes  👈

     This art lesson will show you different ways of producing beautiful, alive-looking eyes for your portraits and human paintings.  We curated available materials online and added the links so you'll find improving your art easy. 

Link to Lesson 5: Landscape Painting using Oil Pastel 👈

     Oil pastel is one medium that is similar to a color.  Not knowing the properties and characteristics of this medium, you may be undermining its beauty.  You can produce textured paintings with these. Their colors are brilliant, and they are also soluble.  

     Charcoal pencils are great for portraiture.  Watch this video on how to create portraiture.  I gave some tips on shadowing.  I only use charcoal pencils instead of charcoal stab.  But I don't directly apply the charcoal pencil.  I also use a stub paper spreader, a kneaded eraser, and a dry brush with medium-soft bristles to achieve what I want.

Link to Lesson 7: Oil Pastel Drawing (Etching) 👈

     The essential oil pastel drawing is fun, and you can be creative.  This medium is similar to oil paint but is more accessible when using materials always on the go.  This lesson is part of our lecture in our Saturday Art Class.  There'll be part 2 soon.

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