Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Painting of NATCCO Network's Cooperative Tree

This is an oil painting sized 25" X 30" created as part of NATCCO's Staff Assembly. The staff assembly is actually a recreational activity for the employees and part of the 2 days outing, is a half-day team building activity, which the consultancy team facilitated.  We gave games and this output was the wrapping-it-up activity, where each employee was given a chance to be part of this painting by making their mark on the canvass using parts of their hands. They get to choose their colors. It symbolizes that despite individual differences, in NATCCO Network's growth, they are essential parts of the bigger picture. I, Rose Gob, did the final touches. But by comparing the raw with the new one, you would see that there's not much difference between the two.  Except that we highlighted it by painting the colors of sunset and adding volume to the other colors.



After retouching this painting, I gave it to the office but haven't seen where it was actually hanged.  Anyway, the memories of this painting is what matters -  the fun and experiences of the NATCCO employees while they worked on developing this piece.

To see more of Rose Gob's artworks at her Facebook page. If you would want to get a copy of the activities module, you may send me a direct message using the E-mail form in my blog.  You are also welcome to comment here.

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