Thursday, September 29, 2016

You Are My Sunshine, My Light

I see the scriptures as God's love letter to us.  That is what I learned from a wise man.  Now, I wanted to write a love letter, to Him who knows me more than how much I know about myself.  Please bear with me... I just wanted to praise Him in my humble way.


You are my #sunshine
You are my everything.
You give me hope,
      You give me love,
You're the reason of my being.

Tonight I call on You
Please don't ever let go...
Hold my hands tight
Let me stay by Your side
    For the rest of my life.
I love YOU so.

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Photo by Rose Gob

My Creative World

I lack focus because of the may things I want to do.  My job as an HR Consultant is essential because it gives me means to finance my hobbies, which includes painting, photography, writing poetry and novels.  I have invested on my tools but I haven't perfected my craft.  I sell portraitures and get commissioned work from time to time.  However, I was not able to produce a masterpiece that I can be proud with.

I like posting pictures in instagram and has gained followers for about 900++ My instagram account rosegob presents my travels and how I view the places I had visited.  I'm lucky to have been born on an era where communication is a lot easier.  I get to share to the world my creations.  I just hope that in my life's journey I'll get to leave a mark.  The kind of mark I wanted to share is the way I see beautiful things despite difficulties and challenges.  The Lord has given us a lot of wonderful things.  HE has given our hearts eyes to see what people often fail to see.  I want you to look closely with me.

 I once tried to paint with angst, because many of the contemporary artist I know get noticed for it.  But when I tried looking at tjat work, I feel it's not my nature.  So again, I explore and try to find my own style.  I'm still in this journey. I hope you can help me find it.  Feel free to tell me and critique my works.  I will not take offense but would be greatful for your honesty.

I, too, have a lazy bone.  So when I am not able to post, please do call me.  Wake me up from my slumber so I can make you see my creative world.  Let me thank you in advance my friends.

"EAST TO WEST", 18X24, Oil Painting

About Rose Gob

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Hello! Thank you for reading my blog. I am Rose Gob, a Knowledge Management expert, a seasoned HR and OD practitioner, an artist and an educator by heart. I have created three (3) blogs to share articles in the field of creative arts, cooperative, social enterprise industry. But among these blogs, I write more for my art blog, During the pandemic, I was able to populate my blogs with various topics. But now, I realized that I need to focus. I hope you will give me feedback for topics that you want to learn. Send me questions and I'll try my best to answer your questions. Again, thank you for reading and please do check my blogs often. Have a great day!