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One of our initiatives and the main cause is to assist our co-artist be known worldwide.  This is our way of promoting our culture and helping fellow artists get their art marketed. What's in it for us?  Well, one, we get the spiritual benefit that we did help.  Another, we get our artists to share their talents, serve as inspirations for many aspiring art students, and finally, as Filipinos, we get the happy feeling of being proud of our fellow citizens. If we are lucky, we get them to teach us here in CASCADE Art Studio, as they share their works and techniques on how they do their works.  

Check out the following featured artists and art groups.  Click on the titles or names to meet them and learn more:

October 2023 - "ARTipolo's Art Raffle"

25 remarkable artists, both budding talents and renowned professionals, united by a shared passion for art. Their mission? To raise funds for the event by generously gifting away their artworks as raffle prizes

March 2023 - "Mujeres Del Artes"

An all all-women exhibit for members of ARTipolo and in honor of Ms. Dyna Ondoy.

January 2023 - Link: Eat, Sing and Art (all in one place)

If you are looking for a place to get inspired or enjoy creativity, this is one place that you should check out - Art Exhibit in a San Juan Resto-Bar.

December 2022 - Sustaining Our Cultural Heritage

ARTipolo Group Partnered with National Commission for Indigenous People (NCIP)

June 2022 - ARTiPARC 

ARTipolo Partnered with PARC Foundation for a Fund Raising Exhibit

Feb. 2022 - The ARTipolo Group

Part 2 of an interview with Mr. Pol Mesina, Jr., president of this art group.

Part 2 of an interview with Mr. Pol Mesina, Jr., president of this art group.

Dec. 2021 - POL MESINA, JR.



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