Sunday, February 14, 2021

Lesson 3: Different types of Shading.

 A simple drawing is lifeless and appears as one dimensional.  To give it a 3D or three dimensional look, we need to define where are the lights coming from and how does it falls on the object.  Then we need see where the shadows are.

In creating shadows on our objects, there are several types of shadows.  We have taught you about the hatching, thatching, and cross-thatching from previous posts.  Now, let us continue learning the other types of shadowing styles and let us practice by repeating what has been shown in the featured videos.

The first video that we will show is from the works of Ms. Lauren Arno.  She showed how to do the following:
  • Cross hatching
  • Hatching
  • Contour Shading
  • Scribbles
  • Strippling, and
  • Circular lines


The next video is an application of lighting on geometrical shapes by Bial-Art Art school. The video demonstrated well how one should look at the direction of the light and the volume of shadows to improve the appearance of the drawing.

 Now, to improve our drawing techniques in drawing, let us look at the following drawings as our references. Follow the following steps in our practice drawing: 
STEP 1. Draw 6 circles in a bond paper or drawing paper 
STEP 2. Shade the 6 Circles based on the 6 shown kinds of shading below;
STEP 3. After doing the sphere shading, apply all types of shading based on what you learned to a pear. See the photo below.
Share your works by commenting on this post and stay tune for next featured free art lessons online.

See below other reference videos for practice:

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