Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Why you Should Join and How to Join an Art Group - Featuring ARTipolo Group, Inc.

You may ask, is it really necessary to join an art group? For me, yes. But make sure that the group you'll join will help you improve your craft and develop a positive mind. A healthy art group helps you get motivated and in return, provides you venue to help others become a good artist too. Read and Watch our feature for this month:

Last December 2021, we released the first part of our interview with Mr. Pol Mesina, Jr.  He is the current president of ARTipolo Group, a well-known artists' group that started in Antipolo city but have members coming from various parts of the country, and even from other parts of the globe.  

ARTipolo group is now on their 7th year.  It remained strong despite the challenges resulting from the differences of its members, as well as factors coming from outside the organization.

In this interview, you will learn about the group's objectives.  They are known for group exhibits and for having professional artist members.  They do have some new blood from students of arts and they keep their doors open to new art aspirants.  Behind each masterpieces, they extend their hands to less fortunates.  Portion of their art sales go to selected beneficiaries like Autism Society, Antipolo chapter, Tulay ng Kabataan, etc.

If you are new in the field of art, it would help if you join an art group like ARTipolo.  Having a family who understands and supports you will help you find your way.  Watch this video and learn more about the group. If you want to join the family, know that a family member cares and is accountable too with fellow artist members.  The passes is your sincerity.  Here's an introduction to the values and principles that guide this group.


Is this material useful?  Please comment below if you like this or send us an inquiry if you want to inquire about art tutorials.  Keep safe and keep your creative juices flowing!

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