Sunday, January 31, 2021

A Simple Poem: LONGING

LONGING by Rose Gob

How long has it been when I last saw you?

The 1st time we met was seven years ago,

Now all that we have are just memories

I feel my heart swell as I remember our stories.

Your words still ring out from the corners of my mind,

I vividly see the rainbows and the promise to find,

The warmth of the sun was a welcome embrace,

Against the cold wind as we walk that place.

Vicariously I lived through your eyes,

I long to be there when you sighed,

I long to share with you my baffling thought,

And reach out a hand to touch you for comfort.

Pens on paper. cards on mail,

A stamp on an envelope excites like a gale,

A call and a voice are not the same,

Compared to emoticons, or online fame.

People are social species of life,

An introvert still needs friend to like.

Enjoying the sunset as we wait the time,

For the thousand years sublime.

Alas, it’s one in the clock’s hour,

Let me close my eyes and door,

Count ‘til six, and all will be gone,

For this mind of mine would speak of none. 


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Video Tutorials: Painting with Watercolors or Poster Colors and Oil Pastel

Hello, beautiful children and adults deserving excellence! Finally, I found time to create another video, which I hope you'll find useful as you try to learn how to make art. Allow me to say that though I am not a master in arts, I still love to share what our creator had endow to your humble servant. Let us learn ARTS!

Today, we will be using your watercolor or poster colors, and oil pastel, whatever brand you have. I am sure, you have these in your schoolbags and being stuck there for a long time. Let us find a photo that you like and use it as a reference. Now, since I want to see once again mother nature in her full splendor, let me use a photo of a stream shared to us by fellow artist, Mr. Norbing Velez as a ready reference.

The materials that we will need are as follows:
1. Watercolor or Poster colors
2. Oil Pastel
3. Paper or Canvas Pad
4. Masking tape
5. Pencil for sketching
6. Eraser
7. Hardboard or a piece of plywood

Now, this is part 1 of a work-in-progress. I haven't done part two, but do stay tuned because I am determined to finish this piece and share it with all of you.

If upon watching the video, you are able to create beautiful work, please feel free to post it here or on our blog (see about info for blog address). Who knows, you may win a pad (for children only, Hehehe).


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