Monday, August 18, 2014

August Focus for Optix and Mix - A Photo and A Portrait

My August organizer is designed with quotes that really inspires.  Here's what is written on top:

"Life is like a camera, FOCUS on what's important, CAPTURE the good time, DEVELOP from the negatives and if it goes wrong take another SHOT."

So for todays photo, I wish to feature one shot I have taken while doing a Photowalk in Intramuros, Manila last June 2014.  The way the cat looked at me is very penetrating.  In capturing animals or people, the eye is a very good center for your subject.  Although this model is just a simple stray cat, yet still as I may say, the photo jumped out of the paper.
Title:  The Keen Eye

As for the drawing picture, I give you a sketch of my friend.  And here's another quote taken from my August calendar:
"It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. - Epictetus"
 Title of Drawing:  Seated Lady

This drawing is supposed to work as a reference for an oil painting.  But until now, I haven't touch the canvas where I started putting paint on.  I have to find the inspiration to work on this one.

Have a great week ahead!  Keep on checking this blog and check out for free sketches that I am going to give away every other Friday!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Fisher of Men

Finally, I finished my presentation and what remains is to review it so I will have it by heart.  Now, it's time to do my actual duties... the real reason why I was able to get life... work... happiness... strength... trials that groom me... and other blessings from my Creator.  It's about time to thank the real source of all that I have... and all that I am...

This drawing which I have drawn in a hotel in Davao on January 11, 2013 reflects what I aspire to be... to help in the propagation... to be of assistance in my ministry...

So this day, let me say...

Thanks be to God for each brand new day.
Thanks be to God for the roles I play.
Thanks be to God, how can I repay?
Thanks be to God, help me as I walk in Your ways.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Breaking the Break and Monotony...

I feel sluggish and bored of my regular job today.  I mean, I am not in the mood to write or think about my presentation for the leaders that I am going to face by next week.  But somehow, I am motivated to draw and be creative as I prepare my mind for the actual tasks that I need to do today.

I started my day looking at the outputs of my past Street Photography Photowalk.  I say to myself, "Relax... put your energy together and focus your mind".  Yet still, I found difficulty processing the words in the document that I have to read. 

While browsing, I saw the colored pictures I have selected as subjects to my painting.  But upon looking at it, I felt that the colors are too bright. So I tinker with the editing software that I have, limited to a simple photo processor because I don't have an Acrobat Photoshop in my work laptop.  As a result, here's what I have done...

Title:  Chillax - Al iz well!
Taken on June 2014 @ Intramuros, Manila.

During lunch break, I still feel weary and not so productive.  Maybe because of the Friday psyche.  It means, it's the end of the week and that job should be lighter.  But to think, my presentation is on Tuesday already and I haven't finished my Powerpoint presentation for it.  I took a deep breath and browsed for pictures over the web.  Then I saw Jang Geun Sook's picture.  I said to myself, "What a lovely face for a guy!".  I then took my pencil and drawing pad and started sketching.  Here's what I've finished:

I posted this on the web and asked my FB friends if they like the drawing. And if somebody wants it, I will be giving it away for free.  Two (2) of my friends liked it but expressed that what they want is for their pictures to be sketch.  Uh-oh!  I got free customers... meaning gratis and not commissioned work.  Hehehe.  Anyway, I still have 14 commissioned portraits that hasn't been done yet.  Got to work on it after office.

Then one friend buzzed me and told me that he liked the drawing and would love to have it.  So I said yes.  I noticed that he has a very strong resemblance to the drawing.  "So, that's the reason."  Glad to have my work appreciated.  This act also gave me the idea to give away some of my drawings or sketches that are not for sale so as to find a home for my "babies".

So if you would just follow this blog or my other accounts, you might find luck finding one drawing or painting that I would be giving away.  But if you wishes to have a customized drawing or painting, you can simply visit my FB page and message me.  I would also be selling some of my arts there.

Have a great day!

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