Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Travel Photography: Exploring of Guimaras

This is the first time that I visited this beautiful town of Guimaras.  From Manila, we took a flight going to Iloilo.  My age is really manifesting, because I thought I haven't seen this place yet.  But to my chagrined I saw familiar places in Iloilo.  What's actually new was the way going to Guimaras.  We took a PAL flight to Iloilo, which actually cost less than three thousand.

Photo by Rose Gob

During the flight, I kept on pouring over the Mabuhay Magazine looking at new target places to visit in the future.  Then I spotted this post, featuring two sites in Antipolo where we, ARTipolo Group, exhibits our paintings - the Cafe Lupe and Luljetta Hanging Garden.  So I immediately took a photo using my Lenovo S90, and posted it so that my fellow artist would feel motivated to promote our place.

We landed in Iloilo safely and we were welcomed by a very warm climate.  It's October yet the "Ber" cold air is non-existent yet.  It felt like it's still summer.  We took a taxi going to Iloilo warf, which cost around four hundred pesos.  Upon arrival, we immediately bought a ticket for a ferry going to Buenavista, Guimaras (for fifteen pesos only).  Within 15 minutes we reached the port of Buenavista, Guimaras.  The port was buzzing with people.  We then again took a tricycle going to our accommodation, which is the Theotokos Apartelle.  We took a rest before taking a roam of the island.  Since we only had half-day for exploring the island, we asked our tour guide to bring us to at least one of most visited spots.  And now, here's a beautiful photo from the top of San Lorenzo Municipal Hall, to get a complete view of the romantic windmills in this place.

Photo by Rose Gob

Accordingly, there are 27 windmills planted in this area.  That van below was our ride.  The surroundings of the San Lorenzo Municipal Hall was also very pretty.  The plants were well maintained by the community.

When we visited, it was not yet the season of mangoes.  But we indeed saw lots of mango trees and they were already starting to have flowers.

I wanted to have another tour of this place. I am not sure when but with luck, maybe I can visit again if God permits.  I just hope you enjoyed my recount of this travel and put Guimaras in your itinerary for places to visit.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Lilac for Your Home

Lilac color or violet is a comfort color.  Some says it is a majestic color and emperors wore robes in this color shade.  This year's color is violet as well.  I have read in the Wikipedia that violet is also associated with extravagance and individualism, the unconventional, the artificial, and ambiguity.  Whatever the color means to you, for me, it's a color that please the eyes.  It's like a color that mixes my two (2) favorite colors - Blue and shade of pink.

My two floral works are painted in this shade.  I call it "Lilac Keepsake Series".  These paintings can be a very good keepsake for people who loves Violet or the color of Lilac flowers. 

If you are interested with the above artworks, please feel free to message me.  I have included these among the rewards for supporting our project CASCADE.  By purchasing these works, you'll also get a chance to help sustain our endeavour to help special children and adults.

Thanks for appreciating my works.  Feel free to comment.

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