Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Upcycling is a Creative and Fun Activity for our Children

 It took us a long time to post new learning materials here. But I get obliged to share this article to help us cope with the long-lasting impact of the pandemic.  Allow me to share this craft activity that you can do with your children.

Our natural resources are dwindling and we need to help our earth recover and revive. To do that, we can tap on our creative minds and produce another product from the trash. We call this "upcycling".  I have heard of some industries earning much from upcycled materials. For example, google search "bags made of tarpaulin" and you'll get bags sold through Lazada, and from Freitag. The tarpaulin is very sturdy. If you have an eye for design, it will not be hard to produce a saleable upcycled bag.

Now, for our children let us make this simple but useful bath scrub for our backs. It is easy.

What you will need are net bags made of plastic.  These net bags were used to contain garlic. You may also use plastic net bags that were used to pack oranges or lemons.

Clean the net packaging materials and cut it into 1 single sheet so that it will be easy to fold.  Now get a string, or thick thread and a needle or crochet hook.  Use whichever is handy for you.  

Fold the net lengthwise.  Try if it's thick enough.  Usually, I do four-folds.  Then stitch it using the thick thread you found or knit it at the center so that it will not spread wide.

On both ends, seam the corners together and add a loop so that you can hold both ends.  Since I know how to crochet, I thickened the holder through knitting.  You may use ropes or other forms of thick handle for the ends.

Now, your back scrubber is finished!

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